Decal Application & Troubleshooting

  1. Apply gel base coat , then your colour as per usual (must cure with a tacky layer). Proceed to cure.
  2. Cut your decal, as close as you can around the edge of the design.
  3. Using tweezers place in water for 10-15 seconds. 
  4. Slide , don't peel your decal off the paper.
  5. Using tweezers place your decal over the tacky layer of gel polish, smooth the decal over the nail and remove excess water gently with a lint free wipe.
  6. I recommend waiting 5 minutes after you have put the decal on the nail to smooth again and then encapsulate in a base coat or thin layer of builder gel, cure, buff to make smooth and then finish with top coat.
  7. DONE!


  1. I recommend using pale , nude or white for the best result with coloured decals .
  2. You can encapsulate your decals in acrylic for a flawless finish, BUT you need to put a thin layer of gel over decal and cure before you do so- or the acrylic may cause your decal to bleed.
  3. Use the blunt end of your tweezers as your soothing tool to make sure all the edges blending into the tacky layer. Do not push too hard though or you will damage the decal.
  4. You can find decal application videos on my Instagram IGTV section claw_queen.



My Decal is Bleeding and smudging?

You are most likely leaving your decal in water for too long, it only needs 10-15 seconds. If you leave it too long the water will make your decal bleed. 

You have not removed the water correctly when applying. Refer to point 5 and 6 from application to avoid this.


My Decal is sliding around the nail how do I make it stick?

You need to apply a high tacky finish base coat or gel for your decal to grip.

You can also place your decal on a paper towel to absorb excess water before placing on the nail. 


My decal is splitting and breaking?

You have left your decal in the water for too long and it has broken the decal down. This means it will break easily.

Decals are also very delicate you must ensure you are being extremely gentle when applying and mindful of how you use your tweezers. Be  conscious of the 10-15 second time frame to be in the water over exposure to the water will result in the decal breaking down /bleeding. Remember to cut your decal out as close as you can to the design to ensure the decal sits flush to the nail.